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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Fabric!!!

I am so happy! I got THE cutest western themed fabric today.

I am making the same pattern I used for the baby quilt I just made. And when I finish the quilt, it gets to show off at the Dallas quilt show next week! How sweet is that! Thanks to The Alford Inn and Quilt Shoppe for the chance to strut my stuff! Also for carrying the line. I guess ADORNit is one of those designers that is hard to find. If you like it you can get some at the Alford Inn online shop soon. I don't think its up there yet but you could probably call them or email them. They are very accommodating. Obviously some of it is in the  brick and mortar shop already. (Lucky me!)

Anyway, I can't say enough about how much I love this fabric line. My favorite is the floral. (On the left, second one in.) It kind of looks like ironwork. Very cool. My little Texans are going to be getting some cute stuff made from this. I also saw the book today that goes with the line and there are some seriously cute patterns in it. (Let's count how many times I say cute in this post.)
But seriously, I really like this fabric. Really. Really.

Here is some more in the red colorway.

I also saw another line by the same designer that has me drooling a little too. It has owls! and a truly fabulous pink. Yum. *Sigh* I really need a bigger budget. Anyone hiring?

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