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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trying to catch up

I am a teensy bit behind in all the quilt alongs I am participating in. So I tried to catch up on at least one while we have been stuck in the house for a week. I got my 4 sets of coins for the Sliced Coin Quilt Along organized and even got one set pieced. It ended up too short though so I need to make some adjustments. But, then again, I may just piece all of them and see how they end up.
I forgot to take a picture of the pieced strip, but here are all the coins laid out.

I also got my vinyl labels put on the toy boxes.

I got these from Piccadilly Peddler as a custom order. I still have a couple more that I asked her to make for me.
I have had the boxes labeled with words, but the little people who can't read just throw things in willy-nilly so I am hoping this will help keep things a little more organized.

Beanies and stuffed animals, dress up, and building bricks.

Dress up and bricks, Megablocks, wood blocks, and miscellaneous toys, games and balls.

Megablocks, wood blocks, and miscellaneous toys, games and balls, Little people sets, wood trains, and cars. On top of the shelf there is one more with action figures and dinosaurs. The vinyl is an army man.

Little people sets, wood trains, and cars, puzzles, dolls.

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  1. It feels so good to get stuff organized doesn't it? I'm in total disorganized mode right now and can't wait to get it under control.