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Sunday, January 9, 2011

It snowed today!

We got a bit of snow here in Texas!
It started out as rain and sleet on the way to church. By the start of 3rd hour, there was quite the ruckus in the hallway with everyone talking about how it was snowing. All the kids were gathered at open windows or the entrances very excited about it. The adults were less thrilled as we still had an hour to go before driving home and it was still coming down hard and fast.
We made it home fine and after lunch and a visit from Home Teachers, let the kids go out. K wanted nothing to do with it. She had a fit when Daddio took her out on the patio to look at it and when I brought in a handful she wouldn't come anywhere near me.

The other kids know how fun it is though and were out for a couple of hours.

Friday when I went outside to take the kids to school I looked over and the trees between the houses looked like there was a fire behind them. It was a gorgeous sunrise. I ran back in to get the camera. Since we just have little point and shoot, it doesn't really do it justice.

But the ones I took on the way to school turned out better even though it still isn't even close to as vibrant as it was in real life.

I wish I had had the time to stop and get a good picture with no power poles and misc junk in them.


  1. GORGEOUS photos of that sunrise! Wow.

    And snow. What's that? Last year at this time we had a lot. This year, not so much, though I hear rumours of imminent white stuff coming on Wednesday. We'll see....

  2. Wow that sky is amazing - you got great shots - way better than anything I've ever managed to get and believe me I've tried. Lovely to see the older kids enjoying it so much. Me, I'm getting pretty sick of it now, we've had it since the beginning of November and I'm ready for some warmth though I fear that is some way off.