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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bee in My Bonnet Giveaway!

Lori Holt has such cute applique quilts and she is giving you a chance to win 3 of them! So head on over to check them out. I really hope I win because they would make a fab present for my sister's birthday gift. She is an UBER fan of Lori's. She made her "How to Bake a Gingerbread Man" Quilt and it's so fun!
My favorites are eat Cake, How to Make a Valentine and Grandma's Kitchen.

She also has some great music on her blog. :)

Her button is one of the 2 coveted Spotlight spots on the right. Click away!

By the way, I am feeling somewhat better. Still just kind of hangin' out today though.  :)

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