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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday week 4

Here we are on Wednesday again! Which means it's time to share what I have been working on. You can also see lots of other great projects in process by going to Freshly Pieced!
In fact, you can join in too! Just post about what you are working on and go link up!

And now, on to the show!

In Progress:
  • Tree skirt

This one, as I said yesterday, is being a stinker. I have ripped out a billion seams. And, when I went to sew the rows together, I realized I had trimmed too much when I squared the blocks and my points are being cut off. So I got to un-assemble again! I guess I am going to have to make smaller seams. :P Things I have left on this one: piece the rows together, add the final strips, cut the corners, sandwich, baste, quilt and bind.

  • Stockings:

I have one finished and I really need to work on sewing curves. There are lots of unwanted points on this one. I think I am going to draw a line to follow on the next one and see if that helps. I have 5 more to go.

  • Advent Calendar

This project is still in the same state. I have to make all the stockings and see what fabric I have left to make the pockets. Since we are already using the cardboard calendars with chocolates, I slowed down on this one, to work on the tree skirt. Since the tree is going to be somewhat sparse on decorations this year, thanks to a toddler obsessed with throwing things in the trash, like shoes and camera cases containing spare batteries and memory cards, we really need the new skirt to dress up the poor thing. Right now it has it's lights (it's pre-lit), some wooden berry garlands and a red bow on top.
  • I also need to decide on a block size for the baby quilt due in March so my mom, sisters and I can get started.


  • One stocking
  • Snowman costume, due Thursday! My son is in his 3rd grade music program and is a snowman. I have a women's white sweat suit from Wal-Mart(the only place I could find ANY white clothing, and they only had adult sizes.) I bought some large black buttons to pin on the front. We did a little fitting which is not as easy as I thought it would be. He has a large saggy tush. :) Then we'll just throw on a scarf, hat and mittens, stuff him with some yet to be determined stuffing, and call it good.
  • MOTP LC QA block 3
  • November Block of the month for Buck a Block

That leaves me 7 Works in Progress (if you count each stocking separately) and 4 completed projects.


  1. I love your tree skirt! Looks great!

    Happy WiP Wednesday!

  2. Are we going to get to see that snowman costume? :) Every thing you are working on looks great, especially those blocks - your points look so perfect.

  3. Great work on those blocks, such care in lining up your seams, beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  4. A snowman costume? Sounds great! Your stocking is adorable, and good for you for working on an advent calendar. I really wanted to do one this year, and time is seriously not on my side. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. I love your fabric choices!

    Not being cheeky or anything but have you clipped your curves on your stocking? I found I was having real problems with curves I had sewn until I realised I was supposed to clip into them afterwards. That was my problem sorted.

    I'm really feeling for you on your tree skirt - you are not having a smooth ride on that one - it will make it all the more treasured when you are finished :0)

    Hope you get some WIP's completed xxxx

  6. Yes, silly me - was looking at your photo again and realised that you must have done as all of the inward curves are lying well - sorry :0)

  7. All of your projects are looking good! I would LOVE to see the snowman costume once it's finished! That sounds so cute!

  8. Wow! You've been busy!!! BTW, love the ornament you made for "Freshly pieced".

  9. That tree skirt sounds like a bear, but it'll be worth it in the end. It looks really good so far, but I know how painful it is to rip stitches and re-do! Don't you love how problems like that seem to come in bunches? You can't have just ONE major problem in a certain quilt, it's always four or five or 17. : )

    You got a lot done this week! Thanks for linking up, see you next time.

  10. The stocking looks great and the tree skirt is looking wonderful! Hope if finishes up easier than it started.