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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday night sew in Bonus rounds! and other stuff

The gals who host Friday Night Sew In added 2 nights for us to help us get those holiday projects under our belts. You can link up here, if you would like to join in. There are prizes! Tonight is one and the 17th is the other.

Also, don't forget there are a couple of great giveaways happening:


& this one ends today at 9pm est:

And last but not least...

...the snowman "costume".

My son was mortified yesterday at school during the morning performance when he realized none of the other kids had "costumes". He came home telling me he was a little embarrassed. (His teacher unknowingly confirmed this when she came up to me last night to tell me she liked his costume but that he was very embarrassed at school.) So I told him for the night performance he could ditch whatever he wanted to except the white shirt. He could even take off the buttons. He chose just to not wear the saggy baggy pants. :) The snowmen/women danced to a song similar to Thriller called Chillin' and the did some of the moves from the Thriller music video. This is him posing one of the moves.

I have to say, (with a note of pride) that he was the only one who looked even remotely like a snowman. The other kids didn't even have hats or scarves let alone buttons. Just mostly white shirts and I think maybe 2 kids had white pants too.
He did great!

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