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Friday, December 10, 2010

FNSI projects

Last night was another Friday Night Sew In and I was able to get 1 table runner done, another table runner almost done, it just needs the topstitching, and a partial tote bag to wrap my sister's family's Christmas gift in. I would have finished it but I ran out of red thread. I just need to make and attach straps and then I can get it in the mail.
The table runners are made with the Easy Table Runner tutorial. They really are fast and easy.

Runner 1 (my fav so far)

Runner 2 ('s'okay) The red fabric has little taupe stars. They look like blurry polka dots in this picture.

There really was not a good way to take a picture of the bag with no handles. It's just solid red so nothing too exciting anyway.


  1. Great table runners - very christmassy colour combo :0)

    I'm hoping to make one of these following your tutorial - if I can squeeze it in before Christmas! Maybe next FNSI lol xx

  2. Stopping by from FNSI, way to go on your table runners! They look great. I will have to try the tutorial once things slow down after the holidays. Thanks for sharing!