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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cute in theory

Tonight I have a church party where we are supposed to bring an ornament to swap. I found out about the swap on Sunday, and based on the way my crafting has gone this week, my ornament will NOT be handmade. Here is what I attempted today. I don't mind having this on my tree, but I would not give it to someone else. This is one of those projects that needed 3 or 4 iterations to get it right and I don't have time or *resources for 3 or 4 prototypes. :)
I found the basic idea here, but I didn't like the vertical style so I changed it.
This is the mess I ended up with.

Looks okay when the back and sides are hiding in the tree. :)

*resources being more keyboards to demolish!


  1. I like your idea! You never know if the person you get likes re-purposed, eco friendly ideas for Christmas. I have a cousin who has been doing something like this for years and for lack of a better phrase, "it is just cool". You do make some pretty amazing things so if the people at your church are expecting that you might be in trouble. :) What about making one of your nugget boxes out of Christmas paper?

  2. I think your ornament is super cute! Really unique :0)