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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday Linky

I am going to attempt this, in the hopes that it will keep me on track on the various projects I have going.

Lee over at Freshly Pieced has started a linky for Works in Progress. So every Wednesday we post about them. Easy!
Just a few days ago I made a chart with my current works in progress because I was getting a little scatterbrained when it came to what I had going and when it needed to be done.
So for this post I will just give you a visual and then comment what I will be working on until next Wednesday. I will include links to things I have previously posted pictures of, and new photos of anything that is new or has changed. Then next Wednesday I will give an update on what I accomplished.
I love lists and charts. They keep my crazy brain in line. Here is the chart I made in Word to keep track of sewing projects. As you can see, nothing has been quilted or bound. :) As they told me at the quilt shop the other day, I am a piecer.

This week was 2 pillowcases which I finished, (They were not on the list, I just added them in since I checked out 2 kits from the quilt shop on Friday and they needed to be turned back in.)

plus 2 more.

Also, I need to make some progress on my Ho-Ho-Holiday Swap(see button) ornaments, tree skirt and stockings.
And lastly I need to get the In-Spur-Ation quilt in the hoop and start hand quilting it.

You can go HERE to learn more about the WIP linky's origins!

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  1. A girl after my own heart! In a toast at my wedding, my father-in-law joked that my husband and I fell in love over our joint love for spreadsheets. I shockingly haven't started any sewing related ones, but wow, I might have to! That looks way more organized than my handwritten ones! :)

  2. Oh wow, you are Miss Organized! Love the spreadsheet! I'm a list gal too, it helps unclutter my brain. : )

    Cute, cute pillowcases. And hey, don't forget to link up on my blog. I don't see your link there. Thanks for joining WIP Wednesday, see you next week!

  3. Spreadsheet! Ah, a sister in Excel. Just found you via the comment you put on my blog.

  4. I have three quilts ironed and hanging waiting to be basted. I hate it too! I don't even mind the quilting as much as the basting.

  5. I don't do spreadsheets! I run from them... Maybe that is why I have so many UFO's... :)

  6. Way too funny!!! I'm with Thearica.... Everything for me is jotted down on little scraps of paper that are spread out all over the house, car, purse, thrown away with the grocery list, you get the picture! But opposites attract, as my husband is a total spreadsheet junkie too. The incompatibility drives both of us insane at times, as he wants me to put down passwords in "excel", and I can't / won't do it, and have them all jotted down on scraps of paper all over the computer table, etc, etc. Funny thing is that I'm MUCH more organized than he is. Maybe those lists help certain people more than others. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Your organization is impressive! Good luck with your projects! Can't wait to see what you have accomplished next week!