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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mwahahaha - I'm rich!

I have a huge pile of candy and I have my kids to thank for it.


We have a monthly event where we have Mom's General Store. Throughout the month the kids earn "money" that I deposit in their individual jars. They do it by doing their chores without being asked, being nice, etc. We have a list posted on the bulletin board with things priced out so they know what can earn them more. Then at the end of the month, Mom's General Store(or the family store as they call it) opens for business. The kids can buy pencils, notepads, small toys, play-dough, bubbles, small pieces of candy, and some of the items that they ask for at the store that I don't want to buy just 'cause they want it. They love it!

Tonight the "store" had a bartering night where the kids could barter for items with their Halloween candy. I had stocked up on some fun new items that they hadn't seen before, thanks to Target's Dollar spot and Halloween clearance. I did not put out any candy. Taking turns, they would offer up some candy for a desired item and I could accept or decline or ask for more candy depending on what I thought the item was worth. It went really well. The #2 has no candy left, #3 has about 6 pieces and #1 had about half a quart size Ziploc left. She was the most careful with her "spending" even declining the last round of turns.

Now what to do with all that candy. Daddio and I will pick out some personal favorites and then I may send the rest to school for the teacher's prize boxes. If they don't want it, it might end up back in the "Store".

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