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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Re-cap

My list of to-do's last night was:
  • Make the pieced receiving blanket for the morning baby shower. I thought it would be faster than it would be to do another quilt-as-you go blanket so I chose that option. It actually took longer to make.

  • Make 2 matching burp cloths - I only finished one. I had run out of steam by then.

  • Make the matching diaper/wipes case - Did not make this one because I did not have any fabric pieces left from the receiving blanket big enough to make it without cutting into another blanket, I didn't want to mess with Velcro and I was sooo tired.
  • Bind the orange Nest baby quilt. I got the binding sewn on the back (I am machine binding the whole thing) and the binding clipped to the front to sew down between showers today.
Here is the whole baby gift.
I threw in the box of wipes that was supposed to be in the case as well.

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