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Friday, October 8, 2010

My first quilt

I have been claiming that my first quilt was this one, when in reality that is not exactly true. About 5 or 6 years ago, I decided to make my husband a quilt for Christmas. Not because I'm nice but because when he sleeps he wraps up like a burrito in the blankets, leaving me with little covering. So I made him his very own tortilla. :) I had some pointers from my Mother in Law but other than that I pretty much pieced it on my own. It was made from muslin and some inexpensive green fabric. I don't really remember details about the process other than lots of squares on the floor for a while. When it was time to quilt, I set up my great-grandmother's quilting frame in the formal living room of my parent's condo for at least a month and my mom, my sisters, my mom's master-quilter neighbor and I hand quilted it. My 2 kids may have put in a few stitches as well.

Last night my husband mentioned that it was getting to be time to get it out of storage and when I saw him rolled up this morning in the covers I knew he was right. So I pulled it out to wash and decided to document it. I should probably get a label on it before I forget any more about it.
My 1 year old refused to stay off it while I took pictures so you get to see my cutie to boot!

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  1. It's great! Thanks for sharing your REAL first quilt!