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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mail call!

I got home from retail therapy today at the quilt shop to find a fun little surprise in my mailbox! My first swap package had arrived! It was packaged up so cute!
Just look!

And the fabric is great, exactly something I would have picked out.
*EDIT*I was so excited that I forgot to mention who sent the fabulous fabric! Lee of Freshly Pieced. GO NOW and check out her Kissy Fish tute! It's super cute!)

My retail therapy today was to go get a gift for my sister who is having a rough time right now. She also loves to quilt but she is limited with supplies. So, I am sending her a little surprise today.
This is what I picked out. She loves civil war fabrics so that is mostly what I got. It could be Christmas-y or not. :) I love it. I hope she does.

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  1. Ha, I just posted about my package from you! :) Glad you liked the fabric!