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Saturday, October 9, 2010

And...we're back.

I went to a friend's house last night for a little sewing gathering and worked on some test runs of ornaments for the Ho-Ho Holiday Swap at Gen X Quilters. The machine is working just fine, thank goodness. Of the 2 ornaments I tried, one was a dud more or less. It was okay but not good enough that I would want to give it to someone. The other one is going to be cute but it needs some tweaking. I have a couple more to try and then I'll decide which one to use. Of course the fabric from the swap may not lend itself to any of them and I may have to start from scratch but I doubt that will be the case. I have my fabrics, just need to double check they were cut to size and then send them out.

Just out of curiosity, how much do you usually pay to have your machine's serviced? General tune-ups and cleaning for example?

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  1. I thin I usually pay around $100 to get it serviced once a year, if I am remembering correctly.