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Friday, September 3, 2010


I have the white border on my Cherry Sweet Road to Ireland. That just leaves the pink with the cherries. I decide to expand my horizons and do a simple pieced border.

Hmmm. It is harder than it looks. I'm guessing on what size blocks and I hope they will make it around without having to cut any down. I chose a snowball because it looked simple and I liked the "roundness" to kind of go with the cherries. I need about 32 51/4" unfinished blocks (I think) which means a million (128) 1 1/4" squares to cut and sew and cut off. (I don't want to mess with triangles). I can't use my quarter inch foot which means my seams are more crooked than usual. :) So I am going to have to make myself be patient and go slowly.
I am thinking about taking it unfinished to a local bring and brag when I go out to pick up the birthday cake today.

Speaking of which, my oven conked out. Again. We have the cheapo builder oven that they put in when we built 5 years ago and 2 years ago we lost the thermostat. (I could not figure out why my pork loin took more than 3 hours to cook.) Day before yesterday, I had my hubby pre-heat it for fries and when after 30 minutes it was still preheating I knew something was up. Turns out the element broke. Sorry kids, no fries!

The other day I had a weird sort of sparky fire that I thought was cheese from the pizza I was baking , so I shut the oven off and dumped some baking soda on it. Turns out it was the element cracking open and burning up it's coating. Scary.

So baking a birthday cake is out. Lucky kids gets a"cool" store bought cake. :P

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  1. It's looking great! But sorry to hear about the oven problems. That sucks. Just look at the beautiful quilt to cheer you up.