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Friday, September 3, 2010

I did it.

I got up the guts and took CSRTI to the Bring and Brag at one of my LQS.
I am in the mood to give acronyms today. Can you tell?
Anyway, I took it and showed it and tripped over my tongue telling it's story, but I did it. They liked it even in all it's wild and crazy glory. And I got some help with my snowball issues. :)
I also won a magazine in the door prize drawing and got a little challenge package to work on for next time. Fun stuff! Not to mention the fun fabrics I found in the clearance bin. (Sorry budget and DH.)

And for fun, the first person that can tell me what all the following acronyms/initials mean, plus the other two in the post, will get a goody!
1: DOS
2: WB/FP
4: pwt
5: psi
6: Po
7: lbw
8: FTD

I found these 8 in a copy of Concise Dictionary of Acronyms and Initialisms (or CDAI. :) )


  1. Here we go...
    1.disk operating system
    2.wood burning fireplace?? warner brothers face plant??
    3.Women accepted for voluntary emergency service
    4. pro wakeboard tour/pacific western technology/poor white trash/posterior wall thickness
    5. pounds per square inch
    6.Propylene Oxide
    7. low birth weight
    8. the flower experts??/federal tax deposit!!!/freeze to death??

    others in post...
    cherry sweet road to ireland and local quilt shop!

    yay me!!

  2. CSRTI Cut, Sew, Repeat To Infinity
    LQS Local quilt shop
    1: DOS Do over sewing
    2: WB/FP white backing,front panel
    3: WAVES - go crashing on rocks.
    4: pwt pull white thread
    5: psi please stitch intact
    6: Po Pull OVER!(said the officer)
    7: lbw left between winters
    8: FTD Full Throttle Desired.

    :P Teresa

  3. LOL Love it Teresa! Very creative.