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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Block 7 done

I finished my September block today. It went really fast since I had used fabric from previous blocks and pre-made my half square triangles. :) I probably won't get a picture posted today because I am using my ancient laptop MIJ (as in Molasses in January, as in slow as.) and MIJ does not have any photo editing software. I can't use my "real" computer because the graphics card keeps causing it to crash every stinkin' 2 minutes or so. I pick slow over millions of interruptions a day. I also need to crawl under the desk to switch the cable back to the PC and plug in the media card. And that is not easy, no siree. I dread it and avoid it until it is absolutely necessary.
And since including a picture right at this moment is not necessary, that leaves us photo-less, for now. Sorry.
When we get our Mac in a month or two I will be a happy camper!

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