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Friday, August 27, 2010

Opinions please?

I am getting ready to assemble the Cherry Sweet Road to Ireland quilt top. I have a dilemma. I don't really care for the long version of this quilt. I don't have enough blocks to make it the size I want, so I am left with these two options to put it together. One is to use the blocks the pattern calls for and make the longish one. Or I omit 8 blocks and make a smaller but more balanced looking (to me) quilt. I wanted this quilt to be bigger than crib size, but it may not end up that way unless I go crazy with borders.

Please note that the border fabrics are not true to size. The cherries are not really that big in relation to the blocks.

So what do you think. Long or short?


  1. I like the short version. The long one is just too busy for my eyes. I wouldn't worry about the size so much for a crib quilt, as long as it covers the baby. They don't lay still enough to keep the covers on anyway. As long as it is totable when the kid is a toddler - it will be "blankie."

  2. Go with your gut and do the shorter version. That's what I think. I think it's very cute!