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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Let me start by saying that the Road to Ireland pattern I am using for Cherry Sweet is a fat quarter quilt using 6 fat quarters. I cut the all the strips from the fat quarters and the background fabric yesterday.

I started sewing strips together today and I got to fat #5 and it was too short! Aarrgh! 4 out of 6 fat quarters had a twin in my stash but wouldn't you know I would cut one of the singles wrong. I had a bunch of fats that I had picked out to use in this quilt so I pulled them out but none of them looked right with the others ones I had picked. So I made a mad dash to the quilt shop in the next town and found a replacement (plus a couple more for fun).

Now all the strips are sewn and waiting to be cut again. I actually like the new fabric more than the original so it was a happy mistake.

Can you spot the newbie?

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