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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ezzie's Baby Quilt

While visiting my family in Utah, I discovered my mom and sisters were hosting a baby shower for my newest sister-in-law a few days after we would be gone. They had planned to make her a quilt but had not gotten around to it. Of course I jumped right in and went through my mom's stash. She had a bunch of charm squares that she had been making other baby quilts with so I played around with those for a while.

There wasn't much to work with, so after arranging and swapping colors and taking out squares and re-arranging for a couple of hours I came up with a set of six 4 patches. We had to leave the next morning for Kanab, so I stewed on those blocks for the whole trip, trying figure out how to dress them up.

When I first showed them to my mom we decided to just sash them with white and put a border on and call it good. But I couldn't do that. I decided to put a border on each block, either orange or pink, then sash with a white on white (my mom had never seen white on white!), then do the border with a contrasting block in each corner. (Anchor blocks?)
When we returned from the trip (with white on white fabric from Ace Hardware!), we sewed the blocks together. Then we headed to Gracie Lou's but they were closed so we went to Jo-Anne's. It only took about 10 minutes to find the butterfly fabrics that looked just right to all of us. (Quilting by committee is very difficult!). We went back to my mom's and began ironing, cutting and sewing.

We all took turns at various stations and had the quilt top done that night and off to my sister's mother-in-law for quilting and binding. We had it quilted with butterflies. I did not get to see the finished quilt, but I will be getting pictures soon, I hope.

For my first "design" I love how the top turned out. Just a basic traditional quilt, but still pretty cute!

I had a really tough time getting the blocks to line up, so all the blocks on the right are a bit lower than the ones on the left. That is because I need to work on keeping my seams even. :P
I was in such a rush and not used to my mom's machine, so they were worse than usual. Oh well, practice makes better (I don't shoot for perfect!).