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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Could I be a modern quilter?

I really enjoy quilting. The delicious fabrics, the process of fitting pieces together and seeing a block come together, the bigger better part of seeing all my blocks come together in the top. I haven't quilted anything yet so that part is still teasing and tantalizing me.

However, right now I am caught between my desire to learn and use the traditional patterns and methods, and exploring my own way of doing something. "My own way" is actually pretty frustrating because I don't know what to do with the ideas in my head. How to execute them into a quilt. I have tried drawing them out on graph paper, and using Photoshop Elements to "make" blocks and tops. I see quilts that other "modern" quilters produce and am intimidated and overwhelmed. I will never be able to create like that. Will I? So far I have had little success.
And I still love some traditional quilts as much as modern ones. So how do I balance those two?

I think part of it is realizing that I am still a baby when it comes to quilting. I started basically at the beginning of this year and have only completed 3 tops. I need to get my basic skills down. Use patterns to get familiar with how blocks and fabrics can work together to create the big picture and keep experimenting with my drawings AND get up the guts to cut into some fabrics to try out my sketch!
So as a baby quilter, I need to take baby steps. Someday, maybe I will be one of those modern quilters that I admire, but for now I will work on learning and making forward progress in my own way.

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