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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunglass Case

One of my kiddos requested that I make him a case for his groovy new sunglasses so they wouldn't get ruined like the last pair. So I Googled patterns and found these two that looked do-able:



He wanted them out of the same fabric as his pillowcase, so I opted for #1.

Here is a really confusing description of what I did:

First off, I did not use elastic. I also did not have 2 8" x 8" pieces of fabric so I used 2 16" x 4"strips. I just folded them in half and put the batting between and quilted lines down the middle. Repeated for piece #2.

I hemmed the edges, skipping the binding, which would have looked better but I didn't have any on hand so I hemmed (and realized at the end I didn't need to), then did the quilting step. Then I put my now 8" x 4" pieces together, Sewed the 2 long sides and one short side together, clipped the corners and turned it inside out.
The part where I realized I didn't need to hem was here since I had one side of each piece that was a fold, I just could have left that at the top thus eliminating the need for the hemmed edges.

I also realized I should have added my strap that keeps the glasses in and it's little loop BEFORE I sewed the front and back together because trying to fit that little pocket back into the machine to attach the strap was crazy hard. I never did get the closure loop on. Thank goodness for adhesive Velcro.

The strap is just a hemmed tube with the seam turned down the middle with a few extra seams for stiffness.
I hope he likes it. And I hope the other kids don't want one. :)

(By the way, those are not his sunglasses in the pictures, those are one of the kids' swim goggles.)

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