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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pillowcase Power!

Last night I made my son's pillowcase. I had planned on making him a Hot-Wheels pillowcase (he wants a quilt, but I'm holding off on that for now), but Monday when we were at Daddio's parents house, his mom let me raid her fabric stash, not only for my quilt backing, but also let me have this cute construction vehicle fabric. He was gung ho for me to use it today, since I had fabric out. So I told him I would have it before bedtime. Lucky for me the kids stayed up late to watch a movie, because I finished it about 10pm. Now that I have one under my belt I can fix my mistakes and whip them up by the dozen. :)

I found this pattern on AllPeopleQuilt. It was one of their quarterly challenges. It was fast and easy!
This morning I got an email from my mom, and she told me that she was making them too for the Million Pillowcases project. I assumed it just meant that they wanted a million people to make them and upload their photos. WRONG! I went to do that and discovered something better! You make them and donate them to a quilt shop in your area that is participating and they donate them to people in need. So go check it out. There is a button currently at the top of this blog you can click on. Or you can click right HERE!

It turned out really cute, even if I didn't get the fabric turned the way I wanted it.

Also, he LOVES it! Thanks Grandma!

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