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Friday, June 18, 2010

More projects

First are a couple more pillowcases, this time for my own kids' use. My daughter made her own and I made my son's. Pretty wild, eh?! At least we will know whose pillow is whose now. (I just noticed that neither one of them is holding their pillowcase straight. They are tilted at about the same angle. Weird!)

Next, I had a request from my husband to make some seat covers for our new(to us) van. The leather seats are a new experience for us. Kind of cool! Slippery but cool! Anyway, he wanted a cover for under the baby's car seat, to protect the leather. I thought we should just buy one, but he said I could make one and the added benefit... it could be cute! (He knows how to work me. Cute is the magic word.) So I figured I would give it a shot.


I looked online for a pattern, but didn't really find anything, so then I went to Hobby Lobby to look at patterns. I found one for pets that had several useful patterns so I bought that and some fabric and came home. Turns out I didn't read the pattern supply list right and my fabric was too short and narrow both. So, I am making library bags with it.

But now I have no fabric for my seat covers. My MIL had given my daughter some of the same type of fabric to make shorts with that was the right size, but I didn't want to take her fabric, so, when we were at Wal-Mart, I checked the clearance table and found some that was perfect. Yay! I also bought some twill for the back seat since there wasn't enough to do more than two seats with the clearance stuff.

I came home and used a sort of disposable fabric (also from MIL) to make a pattern by tracing the seat (sort of) and pinning and cutting. I also used the crib sheet pattern as a place to start. It took several hours but eventually I finished a usable seat cover. It only covers the bottom part of the seat with a small piece that goes a few inches up the back. But it works more or less.


I am going to line it with some of that rubbery drawer liner to keep it from slipping too much until I can add a little sleeve at the crease and put some cord though it to tie around the back.
Also, I want to make some adjustments to the pattern so it hangs down lower all the way around.
(You may note that the car seat still has the beach towel under it. We still have not put the one made for that seat in, even though that is why we started this whole project in the first place!)

My husband has more faith in me than I do. He came close to being right this time. But this is one project that needs improvement. Good thing I still have 3 more nekked seats!

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