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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quilts - a process full of fear and trepidation...And fun!

When I start a new hobby I jump in with both feet. I immerse myself in patterns and tutorials and check out numerous books and videos from the library, pick the brains of whoever I know who also has the same hobby, research tips and tricks galore and just generally try to educate myself about what I have gotten myself into. This is the case with stamping, scrapbooking, and digital scrapbooking and most recently, quilting. However I am also easily intimidated and discouraged. So I flit from project to project. When one of them gets me down I set it aside for something else. So I usually have at least 2 if not 3 or four projects going at a time. I currently have 3 quilts in progress. One is my Buck-a-Block, one is my Wally's World Quilt and one is the Cherry quilt.

Buck-a-Block is my challenge quilt. The one I am using to learn to piece blocks and use half square triangles. To make sashing and see how colors come together. As the project with the biggest learning curve it is also the one that frustrates me the most. I am only 3 blocks into it (not including the sashing block) and had a good experience and a bad one and a great one. I strongly dislike the blocks in the sashing but I am too inexperienced to replace them. I started making them and don't like the colors together. I used the colorway offered by the shop since it was going to be my second quilt ever and was nervous about choosing my own fabrics. Now I wish I had picked all my own. But since financially I can't afford to change my fabrics I will just see how it goes. I may just donate it when I am done if I really don't like it.

Wally's World (just named in this post) I have told about in a past post. It is in process and I have quite enjoyed it so far. I just have 2 borders to add and the top will be done.

The Cherry quilt is a vision I have for my baby girl. I have kind of tagged her with cherries and strawberries because of some of her newborn clothes and her baby shower and have since become slightly obsessed with her having one article of clothing that has either cherries or strawberries on it. Her signature so to speak. So of course I have to make her a cherry quilt. I have been buying fabric for it since March but have yet to make a cut. I can't find the right pattern for it and I also can't find the right pink fabric. I have the red, white and green but in my head there is a lot of pink and so far the fabric choices make it read very red.

I have tried a little bit to create a pattern, but came up with one for my older daughter instead. And since it used digital scrapbook papers, not actual fabric and I am not sure how to make the jump from one to the other, it may just stay hidden on my hard drive forever. Actually on second thought, maybe I'll post it here and see if the quilting world can help me out.

I would love to design quilts but have this deep rooted fear that what I have in my head, someone else has already done. I don't want to come across as a copycat.

And how do I quilt the tops once they are done. I have my first top sitting folded in a box because I am not sure how to quilt it. Hand or machine? By me or someone else? What pattern would I put on it?

I am an instant gratification kind of gal and this quilting business is teaching me patience. Lots of it. But so far even though it is scary and new, and for me full of more questions than answers, it is still really, really fun and a creative outlet that I am certainly enjoying.

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