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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Product Review: Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Today, the ice cream ball made it's debut performance to an appreciative audience and came away with rave reviews.

"Delicious!" said one participant.

" Creamy!" said another.

"Better than the store!"

There you have it, folks. 4 out of five stars for the Ice Cream Ball. Get your Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker here!

Inside after most of the ice cream came out.

The last of the end result. Yum!

For locals, Gander Mountain in Sherman carried them in December. I think you can get them on their website also.

Here is my product review on Mindwareonline.com (we love the toys and games on this site for our kids):

We have the pint version and this was a lot of fun to use The basic vanilla ice cream recipe on the box was delicious and it made enough for a small scoop for each of our five family members. The ridges on the outside of the ball are a little hard and we hit an occasional sharp edge while rolling, but nothing major. You need to follow the directions and scrape it down halfway through with a plastic utensil and maybe even another time, for a really firm freeze but 20-25 minutes of rolling did the job. We had fun as a family rolling it around, and it didn’t leak at all. It is really heavy when filled so little children should be careful and keep it down on the ground. It says you can shake, roll, or pass it around, but the most efficient way is continual rolling from person to person. I would definitely recommend this as a fun activity. We may get the quart version to take to our large family campouts or reunions.

One more thing I forgot to add on the review was that you have to use fairly small pieces of ice, like what you buy from the store. The tubular kind we bought we had to crush a bit to get it in.

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