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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nugget boxes

Last week was teacher appreciation week. Since my decision to leave Stampin' Up 2 years ago, paper crafting has gone by the wayside, so my kids' teachers have not gotten anything particularly special during teacher appreciation week. I am not sure how "special" these are, but they were at least made with love and they are cute. There are a ton of ways to snazz these up, ribbons, flowers, stamps, any number of embellishments. Due to my time constraint we went with a basic box, with a cord and tag. Thanks to my friend SG for reminding me of these.

Let's get started!
Here is your supply list for a basic nugget box:

Paper cutter with cutting blade and scoring blade
Bone folder (optional)

Precise scissors

Glue stick or other adhesive (mono-adhesive works well here, I just happened to be out)

2 Coordinating papers

4 Hershey's Nuggets

Choose 2 of your favorite coordinating papers. You can use regular scrapbook paper or if you want a sturdier box, use cardstock for the box portion. If you are worried about wasting your papers, just use regular copy paper or scrap paper for your first couple of tries. Just be gentle with your scoring blade so you don't tear through the copy paper.

Choose the paper you would like for your box(the bottom). The other paper will be the outside cover and will show more, so choose accordingly.

Cut the paper for the box 7 inches by 4 inches.

From the same paper (This is also your choice; you can cover the nuggets with either paper or both, but for ease of instruction, I am using the same paper as the bottom.) cut 4 - 1 inch by 3.5 inch strips. You can also use self-adhesive address labels here, stamped or printed. They fit the Nuggets perfectly.

From your cover paper, cut a 4.25 inch by 5.5 inch piece.
Now you are ready to begin assembly.

Start by placing your 1 inch by 3.5 inch strips face down. Apply some glue to one end of your strip, about an inch wide.

Put the end with no adhesive on the back of the still wrapped nugget and wrap the strip around until the gluey end overlaps and wraps the nugget securely.

If you have done this step right your nugget should still be able to slide out of the paper, but be tightly wrapped. The paper should not be glued to the nugget.

Repeat this step for the other 3 nuggets.

Put your scoring blade into your paper cutter.

Next, put your 4.25" by 5.5" paper face down into your paper cutter with the 5.5" side at the bottom and the 4.25" side going down the sides.

(In the following pictures I replace the patterned paper with a paper marked so you can see more easily the steps we will follow. You don't need to ink in your score marks. Also, I apologize for the mistake with the compass. I really do know East and West.)

Line up the edge of your paper at 4 3/8" in. Make your first score mark (gently).

Slide your paper so the edge lines up at 3 1/2". Score here.

Now take your paper out and turn 180 degrees. Line up the edge of your paper at 4 3/8" and score.

Slide the paper to 3 1/2" and score.

You should now have 4 score marks.

Fold at the score marks.

Next get your 7" x 4" paper and put it face down in your cutter with the long (7") side towards you.

Line up the edge of your paper at 6 3/8" and score, then slide to 5 1/2" and score.

Turn your paper 180 degrees and repeat scoring at 6 3/8" and 5 1/2".

Now turn your paper with the short (4") side towards you.

Line up the edge of your paper at 3 1/2" and score, the slide to 2 3/4" and score.

Turn your paper 180 degrees and repeat scoring at 3 1/2" and 2 3/4".

Get your scissors and cut away the corners from the edge of the paper to the second score mark starting on the short side (4") cutting along the long side (7")

Repeat with all 4 corners.

Again, on the short side (4") use your scissors to cut slits up the 2 long remaining score lines to the second score mark.

Repeat with each short end score mark. You should have 2 cuts on each end to form 3 tabs on each end.

Fold all your score marks into the center and then glue each of the side tabs down.

Apply glue to the right side of one inside tab, then fold both of them to meet in the center for the end of your box. Hold for a few seconds to set the glue.

Apply glue to the inside of the end tab.

Fold the end tab over and hold to set the glue.

Repeat to form the other end of the box.

Square up the sides.

Put your nuggets in the box.

Place your 4.25" x 5.5 " paper face down and apply glue down one of the long sides(5.5").

Lay the cover right side up over the nugget box.

Holding the cover over the box, flip the box upside down so it lays on top of the cover.

Fold over the side with NO glue and then fold over the side with the glue.

Turn over the box to make sure the cover fits correctly and make adjustments as needed. It should fit snugly but still be able to slide over the ends of the box.

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