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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Quilt Top

I bought this pattern at my local quilt shop (Alford Inn) called Take 5 by The Teacher' Pet. The idea being (in the pattern creator's words): Take 5 minutes - choose 5 fabrics -cut 5/8 of a yard of each of the 5 fabrics, and in 5 hours you've made a quilt top - NO KIDDING!!!This sounded great for my first attempt at real quilting. I did actually make one other quilt for my husband out of muslin and cheap-o fabric from Wal-Mart a few years ago as a gift, but I don't count it. (I'll post a pic one of these days.) Anyway, this quilt looked like something I could handle. My mother in law graciously donated fabric from her stash (she is a super quilter) and helped me cut my pieces. I didn't own a rotary cutter, a mat or a ruler at this point. After my fabric was cut, I took a few months to get up the courage to start sewing. It came together fast, with only a few glitches, one of which was my sewing a small section of block together in the wrong order. I did the blocks basically in one day and the borders in another. However, it is still waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

BUT...I realized I could make a quilt and it was great!

Soon after I finished that top, I got an email about the "Buck a Block" Block of the month at the quilt shop and thought, I can do that! So I signed up. I have 2 blocks under my belt, and my confidence did take a small hit after block 2 but I am pushing on. I have a quilt for the baby girl in the planning stages (I have fabric, no pattern) and one to do with my oldest daughter.

Here is a picture of the Take 5 Quilt top that I like to call my Sherbet quilt. It reminds me of Rainbow Sherbet.

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