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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy Table Runner

My daughter and I learned this from Nana and Grandma Lorry as a potential Activity Days project for our group of girls. They learned it from a man in Payson, Utah at Morgansen's (a quilt shop I believe). He had boy scouts make it! While it is easy, and a small group of girls could do it, our larger group of nearly 20 would not be able to in an hour, the time we have available. So, we just made it at home.

This pattern has been floating around for a while, but I have been unable to "google" a tutorial for it. So I made one. It is not a very good one. It is my very first tutorial, but if you have questions I am more than happy to answer them.

Easy Table Runner:

Fabrics: 2 coordinating fabrics of equal widths (i.e. 45”wide)

#1: 1/2 yard (18”) x WOF (width of fabric)

#2: 1/3 yard (12”) x WOF

Thread to match fabric


Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (for trimming excess fabric)



Sewing machine

Spray starch

Trim selvages off fabric and even the ends. Find the center of each panel and finger press or mark with a pin.

Lay out fabrics right sides together. Match up the pins and put another pin in the top of the crease to pin fabrics with right sides together. Do this for both ends. You should now have the short ends of the fabrics pinned together. Fabric 1 should be centered in Fabric 2, wrong side up with Fabric 2 showing right side up on either side of Fabric 1.

Match up 44” sides (WOB) of Fabric1 and Fabric 2, pin and sew a ¼” seam, right sides together, backstitching at both ends. Repeat on opposite side. You should have a tube of fabric with wrong sides facing out. Press seams to set.

Turn the tube right side out. Find the center of your smaller panel and finger press or mark with a pin. Do the same with your back panel. Match up your marking pins to center the panel, and pin the center marks.

(this picture the tube is still inside out, sorry about that)

Fold the tube in half lengthwise with Fabric 1 on the inside. Marking pins should be in the fold. You should have 4 long narrow layers. Pin across the top.

Remove your marking pins and sew a ¼” seam, backstitching on both ends. Repeat for the opposite end of the tube. Press to set seams.

With your finger in the folded side, push the corner out to the front of the panel forming the point end of the runner. Repeat for the other end.

Press and starch. If desired, you can add decorative seams to the outside, ¼” to ½” in from the edges.

More pictures here

*edit 04-04-11 a pdf has been found that may be the original pattern. Thanks to Amy at Not always with thread for posting the link. 
10 minute tablerunner by LaRae Bunnell Clark

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